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Trumpet Vines (Campsis radicans)

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Here are my three trumpet vines in training.  I honestly don't know how to style these so I've just been trimming excessively long growth.  Two are planted in a compost mixture, one in 100% Turface.  I understand that in the winter all of the green branches will die off completely, and that's okay with me.  It gives me an opportunity to start over next spring!

I realize that this is not a traditional bonsai and not frequently used material for bonsai.  I'm more interested in different, unique and native plants than following the current trends. 

I'm open to suggestions, insults, comments, etc. 



Welcome to the Bonsai Study Group.  Have you seen this one flower?  Do you have any pictures to share?  I've not seen any as bonsai before so I'm looking forward to seeing them develop.  Please do keep us updated.

thanks MatsuBonsai.  I have not seen these in bloom yet in training.  I have been trimming them too much this season for flowers.  I haven't seen any in bonsai before, but someday these will hopefully bloom.  I'll post updates.


I don't know about training them for bonsai, but you have your work cut out for you, they grow like crazy in the ground, so you will be trimming about every three to four days, more than likely.

keep it green,

Yes, you're absolutely right, Harry.  At least once per week while watering I'll notice some crazy new growth.  I've been letting it grow and only trimming the super-long parts that stick out from the rest too much.  I haven't put too much energy in to styling yet because all of the green branches will die back this winter and I'll have to start over with branch structures next Spring.


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