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I was out in my garage checking over my trees. Everyone 'seems' to be doing fine. I spent some time with this apple and I'm thinking of making a change. This first post shows the apple as it wants to be. This is the front, it does not show the carving and dead wood that has been developed, but it does have a reasonable 1st and 2nd branch.

This is a second possibility, or at least I think it is. I would rotate the tree, use this as the new front. It shows the main feature... the deadwood/carved area much better, but it will require doing a reasonable amount of growing of new branches.
I open myself to all of your thoughts and suggestions.


I like it, and I think it would make for a much more unique tree. However, the deadwood/carving area needs to look much more natural.

I agree, if I do go with the switch of fronts the carved area will need work. Deadwood on Apples is common in nature but not so easy to keep in Bonsai. I plan on doing some additional work on the area in the spring and getting some lime sulfur on it. I want to avoid the white look, I'll probably put some color in the lime sulfur. White deadwood isn't right on an apple.....Am I correct?


thomas tynan:
Hi...When you look at the location of the wound and the proximity to the new leader and the side branches - I can see that this wound will want to close naturally over the years. There is alot of live tissue around this wound site. If the edges are cleaned up and the surface made smoother it will close - whether you want it to or not is another issue. With apples in general - the wound will callous and be fairly large - so you can use this to create a more bulbous knarly base. Given that apples are suspect to many kinds of fungus - I am not sure I would want such a large open wound site. Also....when you look at the top leader that you are growing - you can see there is an abrupt transition - the only way to make the taper better is to grow the top leader longer - the energy and growth this will take - by itself - will also help to close the wound.
It may be a cliche to say this - but I would put this one in a larger grow box and with good soil, water and fertilizer - really get the tree pushing alot of new growth - you can get new branches easily over three to four feet in one season. With an apple [whether common apple or crabapple you did not say..] you can cut off all of the side branches and regrow these completely - but the key is to have a great trunk to start with. It is your tree of course - and you will have to decide which way to go. I would still clean up the wound site either way, and yes you can dull the white of the lime sulfur with a touch of black ink....good luck ...Tom


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