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The Determined Crape Myrtle

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 This Crape is 20 to thirty years old. The prior owner of of the my house planted it. My neighbor says he he planted all the Crapes on our poperty in the late 70s  early 80s. It was a hazy time in his life. They all vary in sizes because of their placement. Some get more sun than others. And the soil is sandy in some areas also. But this one was under East palatka Hollies and Live Oaks. In dry sand. It must have struggled for year it was pruned badly a years ago by him. And the bark rolled over those cuts. And it just stunted its growth. The sunny side grew thicker trunks. It hardly grew leaves when I moved here two years ago. I transplanted it last winter. But here it is.

I pruned it today . There are a few branches I want to airlayer.

I also separated the two thickest branches that were to close. I did it with a mechanics spring compressor tool. I  am going to take off the thinnest branch in the future . I want it to help with healing the stubs from Old suckers at its base. Which fusing with its base.

A few more pics

I have alot more cleaning up to do on the wounds. I would really appreciate any suggestions on styling . I know i  have to shorten the  trunk  with no taper. Im kinda stumped. I would love a tree similar to one I will paste from online. So yes any suggestions  ?


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