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tecomaria/cape honeysuckle

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joe cervantes:
Here are a few pics of the Honeysuckle I got yesterday.There might be 3 seperate trunks. Any suggestions? Thanks , Joe

joe cervantes:
another pic

joe cervantes:
one more

Jeff Lahr:
My experience with this species is that it grows very fast. Developing branches has been a problem with mine because the wood stifens quickly. I would separate the three trunks into three pots (In fact, I might put one in the ground.

joe cervantes:
Thanks for the reply Jeff. Should I repot now? If i do, should I do any prunning,trimming, or rootwork?  I am in zone 8b. I just got some Turface. Will that be ok to use. Should I add some bark? Putting one in the ground sounds like a good idea.Thanks, Joe


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