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Pyracantha ishitsuki


Any suggestions on how to keep the white from "popping" on my point and shoot? Is it the black background? I've never been satisfied with the lack of detail but all the settings just confuse me.
The problem with this bonsai is the rock and base of the trunk and roots are all the same color. Yes, the roots are boring but that's how it came to me. Other than that it looks like a good year for fruit.

Hi Shima

I do not know if this will help but I usually run some of my pics through Instagram.  There are quite a few settings on instagram that allow you to change the colour scheme slightly of your image.

This is one that I did through instagram

1.  Before
2. After

Maybe that helps?

Thanks Dorian, I'll try it. I used to use irfanview but it's not compatible with linux. If I could comprehend the myriad settings on the camera I think that would help with sharpness and the glaring white.


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