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Dear Fellow Members:
If you have ever seen a POMEGRANATE flower, you will think, as I did, that they are made of crepe paper.  I traded one of my sky backgrounds for this double trunk tree. I've had this tree since May of 2005.  This is the second year it flowered. Of course the flowers are a little large, since this tree is only 20 inches high. The double trunk measures a little over three inches.

Just to add one more picture:

Jeff Lahr:
I think the pomergranate is a great tree for bonsai. Some varieties have a greate twisting trunk. The flowers are lovely. They grow quickly. I  like them a lot, and your tree is a very nice example.

Jerry Norbury:
I have a little one which decided that October was a good month to flower...a pleasant surprise.

congratulations on the nice tree and the flowers.
My trees also flower in fall in a plantroom.


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