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New Crab apple

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Jerry Norbury:
Still with apples...

Congratulations on keeping apples through winter.  That's a difficult task indeed, especially with birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.  I hope you have many more apples next/this year.

Jerry Norbury:
Was sat in a greenhouse. We don't have anything big enough around here to eat these apples...

Here at the end of June - we had another cold winter this year, so lots of blossom and apples.

06278111 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr

Jerry, Beautiful crab, thanks for sharing.

Do you have to use fungicide regularly on your Malus? or is this species resistant?

Thanks and regards,


Jerry Norbury:
No funguses - but then I treat everything with fungicide in spring just to be on the safe side (after a 3 years spell of blackspot on all my elms.)

They have had woolly aphids this year for the first time and even one airlayered Crabapple had all its foliage eaten by caterpillars before I noticed...

06147417 by Jerry Norbury, on Flickr


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