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Monster Porcelain Berry

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Owen Reich:
A few years ago I started corresponding with another member of this forum (coh) who lives in Rochester, NY on the matter of porcelain berry after I started the root-over-rock thread.  Eventually, I was able to dig it.  It is the biggest one I've ever seen. 

During the chaos of the last National Exhibition, I zipped over and collected it.  Still can't understand how they grow so well in New England and the Northeast but not nearly as fast in the Southeast. 

This week, I shortened some trunks and shoots.  This will eventually be a semi-cascade once I really get the thing (I hesitate to call it just a vine) full and healthy. 

Had to cut an old steel support out before the trunk got too big  ;D

Owen Reich:
Found boring insects in the dead tips of the trunks I cut at time of collection. 

Vine was planted around 2006-2008.  By 2014, it covered a large span of fence and was threatening to eat neighboring buildings.

After pruning shoots and cutting back to living tissue.

Zach Smith:
Super material, Owen.  Do you know the southern limit of their range?  I've seen photos of some great specimens, and every time I wish I had one.


Awesome tree Owen!  What a good find ;)

Owen Reich:
Zach, Ampelopsis brevipedunculata has been spotted naturalized in Alabama according to the government types.  I'd say it should be just fine down there.  A few friends have grown it successfully in Memphis, TN.  I'd get a little one and don't let the fruit get distributed.......  Pretty sure Ryan Bell has one in Jackson, MS so you should be good to go.  It's not native to the United States and seems to be aggressive when given room to grow.

Looking forward to the repot next year and removal of the large exposed roots.  Vines are so rewarding.  Thanks go to Chris (coh) for the material.


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