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Monster Porcelain Berry

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Seems like the more you take off of this thing, the bigger it looks.  How heavy is that concrete stuff going to be?

Good to see progress! Can't wait to see how this continues to evolve.

Owen, the fence is completely covered by porcelain berry vines again...all the seedlings this one left behind. Also, some of the roots we left behind have sprouted. Some of those might be collectible.


Owen Reich:
Perhaps others here will want them  ;D

Yeah, I wasn't suggesting you should come and get them  ;) I will probably dig some of them out and offer them to club members or via the facebook groups. They're all small...ultimately I want to eliminate all traces of porcelain berry vine from that area. It may take a while!

Owen Reich:
Judy, the concrete won't be super heavy as the cylinder will be largely hollow.  Will it be light? No. Perhaps 100lbs.  But, it will be suitable for a heavy plant growing out the side of it. 

Given the alternatives to concrete, achieving my goal with other media may actually be heavier and/or with a much higher fail rate.  Looking forward to the repot next Spring into better mix at closer to the final planting angle.


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