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Large Crape Myrtle

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--- Quote from: JTGJr25 on July 19, 2009, 01:15 PM ---Its a cool tree and very powerful.  I was thinking though, It almost seems as though something is missing from the picture.  I tried to imagine it with a big hollow coming down the front and now I think it could make this tree greater.  Would you consider it?


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Hey Tom...  I would certainly consider a hollow in designing about any deciduous tree.  However, my preference is for hollows that occur naturally...often the result of big cut backs.  I feel they are more realistic than those that are just created.  With that being said...this tree has several large scars above and below the soil line that could very well end up rotting and creating a hollow on their own.  But, I seriously doubt I would try to carve one against the will of the tree:)

Yea I know what you mean.  The reason i thought of the hollow idea is because I didn't like the way the taper progressed from the base and thought that a hollow would create just a little more movement.  Well then I watched your video and in one of those very last pictures where the root is sitting on the pot, that is some real good taper and movement.  I think you just need to rotate the tree a little bit clockwise in the pic you posted and this will show.  Or you can remove that flat scar in the back and carve it flush with the main trunk.  After seeing that pic in the video I like this tree even more than before, great find.


P.S. I'm going to school at NC State maybe I'll stop by and you can show me where you found these  ;).


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