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Hawthorne I think

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This is a pyracantha--firethorn

I vote pyracantha.

The leaves and fruit just seem too big for pyracantha.  From another picture he took I suspect the white tub the tree is sitting on is about 3 feet across, making those leaves about 4" long, much bigger than the pyrocanthus I see growing around here.  The fruit also seem to be alone, not in huge bunches the way pyrocanthus grows in my experience.  Actually, what would really help would be a close up of the leaves and fruit with a lighter or coke can for perspective.

It is a tree from the Malus family.  It came from a Japanese gentleman in Omaha Nebr.  He returned to Japan and gave the tree to a friend who passed it on to me when he went into a nursing home.  I have had it a few years and am trying to develop surface roots.  It looks to me that it was an airlayer.  BIll


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