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fruit stumps


My mate had these 3 fruit trees he wanted removed so out i went with the pick and shovel. once i dug them up it seems the baseroot was well into the ground. there are some roots i would like to remove and lift the tree up when i repot.
i have another fruit tree a lot older and that has new shoot's comming out  :) so im sure they will be fine.

okay so wot im going to do here is cut down this back to where the tree was grafted. two of the trees are going into a mates house im keeping the bigest trunk. ive taken the roots back to the base. it's in my hothouse and already has thrown some bud. i will add a pic in the next few days,

Looks like quite a project.  Do you know what kind of fruit they are?


I'm not sure at the moment. when spring comes i can get a good look at some new growth and some leaves.

it loves the hothouse

okay here is some of the shoots starting to break out i shall pick and choose the ones i want  and watch it go


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