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Hi everyone.  Glad to be here.

I got my first bonsai trees about a month and a half ago, and one was a flowering quince.  It's been growing quite well since I got it; some of the shoots are really going like rockets.  It needs a good pruning, but I don't really know when.

I have read that it's good to let the summer growth go and prune in late autumn back to two leaves on a new shoot.

I live in Florida (Zone 8b), so I'm wondering when would be good.  About Thanksgiving or so?

Advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!

So really it depends on the stage of development of your tree.  If it is a young tree, I would just let it grow and wire the branches now to give them some movement.  The pruning back to two buds is for trees that have a primary branch structure already, and you are just ramifying the branch.  If you are pretty new to bonsai I highly recommend finding a club nearby and taking workshops.  That is really the best way to learn to make trees you will be happy with.  Also, if you have questions about a specific tree, i really suggest posting a picture or two of it so we can see what stage of development it is at.  Good luck to ya.



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