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Corylopsis gotoana Project


Owen Reich:
This is a large Corylopsis gotoana grown from seed collected in China.  The flowers are not fragrant like C. spicata, but they are smaller and in greater quantity.  C. pauciflora is similar.  I've been working with C. glabrescens, and a few cultivars like 'March Jewel' to see if there are any potentials out there to promote in the bonsai community.

This one has potential as a clump style, and next year will be planted in an oversized bonsai container.  

Have been cutting back the structural branches for the last two years from almost 4' tall and wide to current size.  Made all of these cuts last week.

Owen Reich:
Next, year, I'll take out the remaining unnecessary larger trunks and continue building structure.  So far, it seems that this species (or interspecific hybrid), seems to callus pretty well and is really cold hardy.  Left it out to endure the winter in an exposed location with minimal shoot die-back. 

Interesting, pictures that I've seen of the flowers strongly resemble C. spicata. Working on a clump myself, not as large as yours and a ways to go (previous owner said the tops died back a few years ago, so I'm mostly letting it grow to regain vigor and size), but it produced a spectacular flower display this spring.


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