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This is the small-leafed variety of Gardenia that was a yard plant for 15 years or so. I dug it up when we moved in 2006. It went straight into this big mica training pot and has been pretty healthy ever since. This picture is from 2006. I will continue to upload some progression photos over the next few days. I am currently air-layering it, and it should be ready for separation in another week or two, so I will be able to top it off with that. I've posted this tree at various stages on various forums over the years, but I've always wanted to have a thread consolidating all of it, so I figured this would be a good place. Plus, I finally got around to figuring out how to resize my pics.

This is winter '06 (the door mat gave it away). I had cut it back some, and was considering making this the new front, and having a big round crown shape. This view hid the fact that the branches formed a circle when you looked at it from the side.

The first pic was 2007 I believe, and I was considering that for a front.
Second pic was 2008, and I had cut it back and repotted it. Root growth was good, and I was able to pretty much bareroot it. After getting it into a well-draining mix I realized that without the old soil, it would need PH adjustment. The new growth was slightly yellow, like it was lacking nitrogen. I tried to give it nitrogen for a month or so, and it did not help. I then learned that if the PH was not right the plant would not be able to utilize the nitrogen in the soil, so I started a regular schedule of fertilizer for acid-loving plants. After a few weeks I started adding nitrogen, and the leaves started looking healthy again. 

I decided that the bottom half had really great taper, but that top was just a stove-pipe. This spring, 2009, I decided to airlayer the top. Instead of the sphagnum moss and plastic wrap, I used the top of a stack of blank CD's; the case that fits over it. I filled it with chopped pine bark, lava rock, and chopped sphagnum. The layer failed. I took it off, and made sure that I had a nice clean cut at the top part, and re-applied the "pot." This time it is working. There are roots visible through the clear plastic pot, and when I separate it I will post some pictures of that. It has filled out a lot this summer, and I'm still not exactly sure where I'm going with it, but at least now it will be off to a better start. I let a few flowers bloom this spring, and they smelled amazing.
The layered top will be grown out for a few years to gain some taper. I think this – – is where I am planning on ending up with the layered portion.

P.S. I plan on taking some decent pictures for the next postings. I know some of these are kind of irritating with the busy backgrounds.

John Kirby:
Interesting, thanks. John


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