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John Kirby:
Lots of interest in Chojubai on this and other sites. Here is one in a 14" pot that is starting to soread in to a reasonable clump. Tree was field grown in Oregon and put in a pot 4 years ago. Prune, wire, dewire, repeat.

Very nice John

I agree with you on the loads of interest.  Have also been seeing loads of posts about it and was thinking of seeing if I can get one here in South Africa.

Oh boy, John. That is really going to be something!!! Had a couple of small ones that didn't seem to make it thru the winter. Oh well. Once again, really nice and good luck with this beauty!! ;D

Please show us pictures of it in flower.  It's a very nice clump, looks like a lot of work!

John, here are current pictures of a white that I have been working on with Hagedorn for the last few years using the same process. Its progression is on another post on this forum but thought the group would like to see a white. JRob


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