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I haven't started many threads here, so I thought I'd start one for a Chickasaw plum, prunus Angustifolia, that I recovered from Paul Katich about a month ago. It was barefooted when shipped so I potted it up in this plastic training pot. It has an interesting base, and I included a picture of how it grew last year down in Florida. I'm excited to work with this species and hopefully in a couple of years I can get it to a point where I can let it flower. I know Owen picked up a few of these and I wouldn't mind seeing them posted here...

Very nice! I'm really interested species. I will definitely keep myself updated with this tree in the future. Good Luck! My ume arrived today. I will post it up


Owen Reich:
The three I received are already opening buds and were potted up at about in pure deciduous grade akadama with a base of medium grain perlite.  I'll post photos when home.  It's America's ume substitute with basically the same flower time and style, deadwood, and similar rough bark.

very interesting species, I want to see the flowers. I also hope to see yours-Owen one day.

Here is a Chickasaw plum that I've had for a number of years that has just started to flower in the greenhouse.  This is a great american native that should be used for bonsai far more than it is currently.  To me it's very similar to the English sloe (Prunus spinosa) in flower size.


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