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Bougainvillea concerns


hello all, i have a bougie that i am wintering indoors due to the climate here in massachusetts. it is doing very well, but i fear the soil is not retaining enough water because it is TOO rootbound. repotting was scheduled for about 4-5 months from now. i already know the answer (i think) but could use some reassurance. it can wait out winter like this right? the soil gets damp, but for only a few hours at best. your thoughts please.


I think you answered your own question. Try to make sure you are soaking it well enough to get the interior of the root ball when you water since the water tends to go around and down the sides of a highly compacted root ball. It can be on the drier side during winter, unless it's showing active growth (which I hope isn't the case). If this was my bougie I would nurse it along until late spring. I've been told they do better when repotted just before it gets real warm, and I'm in zone 9.
Mary B.

ken duncan:
Hi Chris,
You may try completely submerging the pot for awhile to make sure that all of the soil gets wet. You can also help by removing some of the leaves and use a chopstick to poke holes in the soil to allow water to soak in. I think it is best to repot it next Summer.

cool, thanks guys, just checking myself there. chopsticks is a good idea, thanks ken.

Chris, what makes you say it's too rootbound?  And when you say it's past schedule, what is the schedule you mean?



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