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Yatsubishu Chinese Elm Forest

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I was going to suggest that the root base looks fascinating. I'd love to see some higher resolution pics of it.


As the video opens and the two dimensional view is seen it looks very flat. Then the turntable starts to turn and this sideways envelope of foliage and depth unfolds...

then just as I am savoring the view it stops and goes the other way.

Curses! I wanted that thing to go all the way around.

OK John give us a do-over

I really liked the video, but I am with Al on a do-over going all the way around. I love the tree in the back giving the grouping  excellent aerial perspective.

Carl L Rosner

Ok guys... I will redo the video but its probably going to have to wait a week or so as I will be out of town next week.  I probably should not have even used that video as that was really just a test to see quality and difficulty of using a Mino Hd flip video camera.  The camera is amazingly easy to use...if using a pc you can upload directly to Youtube from the provided software. 
anyhow...I will redo:)


You mentioned that you purchased at one of Bill's auctions? If you don't mind my asking, who is Bill and what did you pay for the forest? I really like the video's.

Dano  ;D


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