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Rick Moquin:
I am sorry to have hijacked the thread, and if it is not portrayed as a hijack, then although I believe in moderation I believe admin should take a chill pill as well. Germany went down in  45.

These are extremely terse words, but then again, let's define moderation. I was invited here, I did not stumble upon the site. But as I mentioned this site will need to prove the worthiness of my participation. FULL STOP.

This is harsh I know it, I don't pussy foot around issues. Do You!!

Bonsai Study Group Admin:

The comments left by the BSG Admin were not necessarily directed at you.  No moderating was done except for a gentle reminder of the topic of bonsai and self-governing of posts.  Please do not take offense.

While the thread was not hijacked and not especially off topic, it seems that it is now.  For that, we will lock this thread and move on.  We hope that johng will post another thread with the full 360 degrees as his schedule allows.  Rick, we look forward to your continued participation in the Bonsai Study Group.


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