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Virginia Creeper Over Rock

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Owen Reich:
This is is a continuation of an old thread I can access for some reason. (Parthenocissus quinquefolia Collection)

Removed more media and felt from the milk-jug encased project.  Everything is going very well.  The felt is doing what it should and roots are toughening up quickly.  The jug is biodegrading rapidly though so it my be moved to a new home this Fall.

Will start defoliating practices this year; largest leaves and leaves on the outer silhouette for round two. 

Going to start some more of these  ;D.

Great work Owen.

Loads of nice roots to work with there.

Those are some great roots for an exposed root of anything.   I wonder if the trunk will fatten up and develop any taper?  Nevertheless it should make an interesting bonsai.

Owen Reich:
Not sure how the trunk will swell.  Cut back most of the runners to get some budding closer to the roots.  My concern right now is keeping the canopy compact.  Allowing runners to climb a nearby fence last year helped thicken some branches and the trunk a little. 

A few of the roots will likely die during creation phase so don't want a massive trunk suspensed over the rock.  We shall see what develops.

The roots have a similar look to Chinese elm roots, sort of segmented. Cool proj.


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