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Trident maple

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This trident  maple was trained from a stump 8 years ago.  There were no major branches. They were just small twigs.  i wired them when they were small. Too bad, I do not have the pic when it was a stump. 

It is time to do second defoliate and wire(aluminum).

it took me 4 hour to finish.  I kept the leave on the lower branch.  It is a little small.  I still need it to grow thicker.

the new cut (wound) was treated.  it healed over nicely.  I still have to work on the old wound. 
This show you that you need to put cut paste on the cut to make it heal.  this is the proof.

Jeff Lahr:
What a great tree with only eight years development. Are the roots grafted?

ken duncan:
Hi Boon,
Very nice Trident, Thank You for posting it.

hi Jeff,
no the roots are the same way since i worked on it.

Ken, thanks,


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