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Trident Maple airlayers

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      Hi everyone. I  have great Trident Maple  growing on my property right next to my house. Last year it grew branches low enough for me to airlayer. They were pretty thin so ,I let them grow out till this year.  Squirrels  nibbled on the bark at the base of all the branches .I  had to start airlayers younger branches.

The tree has a great nebari. I will clean it up a bit and take pics from up in the tree. Grass has filled the pockets .

I always add deer moss to my airlayer medium. To help hold moisture and oxygen. This tree gets daily visits by woodpeckers. They feast on insects in the bark. I don't know what kind of woodpeckers they are. I will have to look closer.

The tree grew in girth this past year. The bark on the Apex and branches splits it grew. Some of the "stretch marks) are 4 to 5 inches wide. Last year I made a compost heap at it's base which I left there. I think it helped it grow more. I am going to do it again this year. I've been on a spiritual journey for the past two years. And I stumbled on to the  Fibonacci Sequence. And I see it every where now . Like in my tree for instance. Here is  a link hopefully you feel enlightened from reading it

You know what guys it's a Red Maple. I always thought it was a red maple. My neighbor tells me it a Trident. I wasn't sure be a use I didn't know the characteristics of a trident. But excuse the Title of my post and most of all my ignorance. Lol Its still a beautiful tree. And check out the link Or look into themathematical  66 degree sequence It's all around us.


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