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Trident Maple airlayers

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Leo in NE Illinois:
Ambitious project.

Acer rubrum is still a bonsai worthy tree.
It is better for median to larger size specimens. Branching won't be as fine as trident, so go big.

thanks for posting.

SpongeMann,  I can't help you on the variety of your tree.  But on the topic of air-layering, it is always best to layer a vertical branch/trunk as they are always stronger, and hence more successful.

 Hey fellas, I hope all is well . I lost all the airlayer in a storm that hit while I was at work.  I am going to have another go at it. Stan i will go for the vertical thanks for the pointer. Because when I checked they didn't have any roots. I now see why they were weak. Leo , I have Rubrum group planting from seed going the space between the internodes  are kinda spaced. I will have to trunk chop them at some point. Hopefully I can fix the problem.  But, I   am struggling on branching. Just like you said Leo. I haven't been feeding my plants like I should lately too. Let's see what happens.  Thanks guys


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