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Seiju Elm #1

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I would also train as a clump to maintain the nice fat base. These cork bark elms have taper issues. Don't know the peculiarities of Seiju but I have the Corticosa and Yatsubusa varieties.

Anyway, nice tree to train. Where in the world did you get a 15 gallon Seiju here on the east coast? Is this from Meehan's?



Nah.  I happened across a local nursery that had these guys CHEAP, so I bought a couple.  I didn't chop it back, but did get strange looks loading them into my SUV.  It was mid-summer so I airlayered a few off and decided I'd just repot this spring.  I got this one repotted.  I'm NOT looking forward to repotting the next one but it needs it.  If I don't get it repotted in the next week or so, I might have to push it 'til next year ...and I have reason to believe my time just got pretty scarce at home so its looking more and more like the next one will have to wait.


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