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Root over Rock Trident

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T-Town Bonsai:
Since my move in May I have had little time to spend with my trees.  But it is starting to slow down and so yesterday I decided to work on some.  This is a root over rock trident.  I would have liked to have left in it the ground a little longer because it isn't grasping the rock it a few places but the move made for some early digging.  I defoliated it a couple of weeks ago and would have liked to have wired it then but ran out of time.  I will cut the longer branches back next spring as they are a little long.  I cut the top back when I defoliated it so it needs some time to fill back in.  Will change the pot in time but had a Sara Raner pot sitting around so I put it in it. 

John Kirby:
Hi Frank,
Looks like you found some time. Nice tree, I have liked that one since you first showed it to me. Did you get 1 defoliation on the tree this year? I know you have been incredibly busy with the new job.  I have been able to defoliate one last time around labor day, but with the funky weather this year......


T-Town Bonsai:
John my friend,
Just got one defoliation in this year and did it rather late.  I know weather, it has rained a bunch here this summer.   Glad I went with the 100% haydite. 

John Kirby:
Understand, you will have to re-remember what the difference in weather is relative to south of OKC.

Way to go Paco, but why are you hiding in the bushes. Post some pictures of the pine you got from Don.

keep it green,


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