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Hi Herman, I've heard that you really need to make sure to let the lower branches grow, as they are very apically dominant. 

I feed green dream, several times a year, and continuous feed (each watering) dyna gro's bonsai pro.  I also do once a month pro-tekt in the summer as well as some humid acid. 

It gets colder in my greenhouse than your low temps, I may need to try something different once winter really sets in.  Thanks Herman.

Joshua Hanzman:
That's what I get for skimming:-\ the movement does resemble the Tucker tree though, congrats on that! What is your long term strategy for this tree?

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I'm still getting to know the growth habits of this specie, so another year of observation at least.  Then at some point, into a smaller pot.  The basic shape is what it will be, but a lot more refinement is necessary.

I did decide to repot this into a smaller pot this year, so defoliated partially, and it's since popped bazillions of buds.  There are still tons of buds on the branches in the photos that look bare, so I guess I know that these are bombproof.  It came thru winter with no problems in my cold greenhouse with no extra protection than any other tree. 

After the pics, I took off the rest of the old leaves.  This will be left to grow all summer, wiring in late summer perhaps.
Cochoy pot.

Hello Judy :)

Looking good, I like how the texture on the pot suggests the cork bark to come on the tree  ;D
Yes these do push a lot of buds if they are healthy. The leaves can also reduce a great deal. I really like to work on subers, such a great subject for bonsai

kind regards


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