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Olive Progression


Jeff Lahr:
This is an olive that I've had for about eighteen months. First photo is newly purchased (1/20/08). Second photo is first pruning (4/23/08) and final photo was shot this morning (95/5/09). As I've nursed it along it seems as though it has been pretty slow growing but while I assembled this photos, its reassuring that it has, indeed, been growing. The tree is fifteen inches tall and thirty across.

Cool!  I really want to do an olive.  I understand Florida is not the best spot for them though.

Why wouldn't Olives like Florida?  The only thing I can think of is too much rain, but the olives I had in California loved water.  I would give it a shot with a cheap one first, but my guess is they will do fine.  Besides, Florida is a big place, with lots of varying conditions, which makes it hard to say something won't work in the entire state.

Yeah, I've heard our 72" annual rainfall tends to drown them.  Maybe a low-absorbancy soil mix?

Jeff Lahr:
I have found my olive trees to be pretty hardy. This particular variety is called "Lil' Ollie" It looks more like a shurb than a tree. I have gotten several from different nursieries for about $80 apiece.


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