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Need help identifying a plant and advice on trimming


Hi. I'm new to this group. It looks like there is a lot of good information and discussion here. I got this raft style bonsai several years ago. First, can anyone tell me what kind of plant it is? My pictures aren't that great, but hopefully it shows enough to help you. The container it is in was hand made and has literally fallen apart. The pieces are just resting on the base at this point so I obviously need to repot it. Can anyone advise how I trim this kind of plant? The tallest tree in the group is about 18" and I'd like it to be much smaller. They are all top-heavy and then have very little green on the rest of the trees. I doubt very much that I can just lop off the top. Any ideas?

You have a juniper, probably Juniperus chinensis.  It is a very common bonsai subject.  Yours could easily be shortened by 1/3.  Here's yours, right side up.

OK, how embarrassing. When I uploaded those pictures from my computer, they were right side up. Sorry. Anyway, thanks for the identification.  Do I just cut down part of the top? Will the rest fill out eventually if I do that?

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Just commented on the other link.

Well there you have it.


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