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Larix Decidua progress since 2005


Hi friends,

This is one of my first trees, a seedling collected larch of 1997. Back than it was probably 1 year old.
The first 7 years of its life it was cared for in a potplant way, in a normal plantpot in march, back into the garden in october. Only pruning was done, once a year rootpruning aswell, no or hardly any fertilization.

In 2004 when I first became member of a bonsaiclub first progressions were made. Front was changed 2 or 3 times, crown had to be build up again 2 times, because of death or accident and so on, aso.
This is how the tree looks today, 48 cm high with a trunkbase diameter of abt 3 cm. Its standing in a Andy Pearson (stonemonkey) pot, 16 cm in diameter.
The next changes, which will be done next year, will be:
- wiring the first 2 branches more towards the trunk to make the tree even slimmer and more feminen.
- rammification
- keep the crown rounded

Hope you like the progress, but offcourse feel free to comment.


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