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Japanese Red Beech

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What a joy this tree is in it's spring leaf color.  Such wonderful color, it's almost like a flower.  There are a couple angles I'm looking at for a front, just developing for now.  Hope you enjoy the pics.

I love how the roots and branches move in harmony.

Cant wait to see the future.

William N. Valavanis:
Your beech looks good! I like the shape its developing.

I've never heard or even seen a Japanese red beech. Where is it from?
Does the reddish color persist all summer long?

To me your tree looks like a seedling of purple European beech, which I'm familiar with.

Thanks for sharing.


Owen Reich:
It's the nishiki variety, which means AWESOME.........

Thanks Bill and Owen.  I agree that this is an awesome tree! And seems pretty easy too.
Bill I believe this is Fagus Crenata, also called Seibold's beech, although I cannot find any spring leaf images to show you to match it.
It might also be Fagus Japonica, (blue beech) but I think the leaves of the blue beech are rounder. 
Harry H. has some info on his site.
  I have found copper (sylvatica) beech leaf images to be a close match, but the guy I acquired this from told me it was a Japanese beech.
Anybody have any more concrete info, it would be welcome.  Thanks.


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