Author Topic: Introduction to me and a tree!  (Read 5643 times)

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Introduction to me and a tree!
« on: September 29, 2013, 05:39 PM »
Hello everyone! I'm an enthusiast from central n.j. & I have loved bonsai since I was a child, I can remember walking into bonsai of Brooklyn and wandering around Brooklyn botanical gardens at quite a young age and being enchanted. But I did not become obsessed until two years ago, since then I have read countless books, magazines, articles, and forums in search of advanced techniques of creating bonsai. I began as a mass murderer of trees and probably the single most imp. Lesson I've learned is patience and enjoying every little step of bonsai. I started collecting eastern white cedar from the wild and everything else from landscapes and have amassed material that I am very excited to be working on in the future. I have made my way to this forum because of the name and the idea of a bonsai study group sounds awesome. I attend deepcut bonsai club and work in deepcut gardens on their bonsai as a volunteer, I will post some pictures one of my collected seiju elms, this tree I plan on making an informal broom, and am tossing up the idea of carving a uro in the wound in the front. Let me know what you think about that strategy. I'm look forward to interacting with the community here!

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