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Hornbeam pest treatment recommendations

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I have a collected/imported Korean Hornbeam that has an insect issue.  I can't see mites or scale, and the tips of the leaves look chewed on.  Some of them also have holes in them.  It's been a good growing year for it but the issue seems to be getting worse.  Last year I tried neem and felt it was pretty hard on the tree and I lost a lot of growth as a result.  It's an old tree.  Any advice would be appreciated.

John Kirby:
Where are you?

Kansas City

John Kirby:
You guys have Japanese Beetles now? The green 1/2"or so beetles. I use merit to control them, but they still do some chewing.

I haven't seen any of those.  That's the thing, there are no pests to be found.  This year is not as bad as last year and it's been a good growing year.  I was thinking about using something mild like Safer's that wouldn't shock the tree but might help.


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