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Elm root cutting
« on: June 26, 2011, 02:07 PM »
Some of the big brothers to the tree in were pretty boring to look at with cylindrical trunks so they were torn out with chain and truck.  After hauling them down to the ditch I had a whim to chainsaw off some of the roots and take back home.  I dropped them upside down in pots of haydite and forgot about them.  Most didn't take but I wasn't really expecting any of them too with them being upside down.  Some were a waste of time to bother with but this one I thought had nice taper.  Hopefully they're throwing out roots, but I'm not going to go digging in the soil to find out.  In the second shot you can see where young Thumper is helping himself to the new shoots.  He's pretty cute but likely (and the perfect size  ;D)to end up in the skillet if he keeps chewing on my trees. 

32 oz bottle for size reference.