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Crimson maple repot

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Frank R.:
Hello all,
I have a crimson maple that was given to me two years ago. It was grown from seed and about ten years old. It was about 8 feet tall with virtually no branching. I chopped it to about 18" tall and tree recovered well. I finally now repotted it this year which is two years later.  I removed the tap root and my concern is maybe too many roots went along with the tap root. I would like to know any extra steps I can take to help with recovery and also how long should I wait to fertilize. I use green dream organic slow release fertilizer.

Thanks in advance,

Frank R.:
Anyone have any input??

When I repot any of my trees I water very well then put on a lesser amount of 1/2 strength root stimulant and then start liquid fertilizing a week later on a weekly basis.  This is to get your tree established and you may want to let off later on for the sake of leaf size.  I'll add that I normally only repot or pot in the spring.   I've never used slow release fertilizer.  I burned and killed trees by drowning the soil with full strength rooting stimulant 2 different times so am a little less zealous now and that has worked well.  Good luck. 8)

Frank R.:
Thank you for your response. I didn't use any kind of root stimulant and now I wish I did...

Dave Murphy:
I suspect your tree will be fine.  Most healthy maples can have their roots severely reduced and recover well


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