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Thought I'd share my shohin crape myrtles here, they are in good fall color currently.
They do look a bit shaggy this year, as I was allowing free growth for the summer.
This is my big based one, it is an interesting tree, the trunk has a nice muscular flow to it.  Branches are starting to get heavier finally.  They do take some time to thicken in a pot, but my climate here doesn't allow ground growth for these.

Progression shots.

more photos, last one is the very first pic I can find of it.  On a table with other starter material... The two middle shots are current.

Looks great! I see a lot of potential

I like this tree and its leaf colors.

BTW, IIRC you also have a stewartia psudocamelia. I am curious about how they 'stack up', one versus the other (stewartia versus myrtle) and where/how you got this myrtle.

I got this tree on ebay 5 (?) years ago, from Brian Underwood.  I actually had some odd luck here, as I had bought a crabapple from him, but it met with an accident before it shipped.  He offered me something "different" and I said yes.  Along came this stump. 

As far as comparison, I've only had the stewartia since late winter, so can't say as of yet, but the stewartia is beginning to turn. 


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