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Collected Fraxinus

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Hello all -

Two years ago I collected this Fraxinus, it's been growing in this plastic tub since.  I'm planning on doing the first major work on it this coming spring....still several months away for us in MN. Didn't know it was an Ash when I collected as it was early spring when I dug it up.  I've heard Ash are difficult to train into Bonsai.  None the less I'm going to give it a go.

Anyone have thoughts on Ash as Bonsai?

Comments on next steps?  Easy answers are remove the prop root, dress the saw cuts. Thinking about cutting back to the lowest branch, looking for feedback.


Neat trunk, I would look and see if the planting angle can be changes quite a bit to the right.

I'm not sure how I missed this post.  That is a very impressive trunk.  I'd consider planting it tilted toward the right as was suggested if possible.  (Any idea how well/if Ashes layer?)

I have no experience with Ash, but I hope you'll let us follow along with this one.

Jerry Norbury:
Ash make great bonsai.

Yours looks great - but I'd chop it even lower.

Thanks all for the feedback!  Found this tree growing in the side of a very steep bank over a creek (which I fell into while collecting). I think the steep angle of the bank led to the trunk movement.

Great minds think alike....My plan for this spring is to cut back to the lowest branch, and repot tilting clockwise as pictured.

Will update once spring comes.


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