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Collected Fraxinus

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Jerry Norbury:
I'd cut it lower still. That right angle is always going to be a problem - so I'd go a couple of inches below that.

Maybe this much:

Jerry Norbury:
Yes - but I wouldn't bring the angle up as much as you did - I preferred the semi-cascade.

J.Kent - thanks for the virtual, very cool!

In Minnesota spring is a few months away still, I have time to think about design options. I'm probably going to play it safe and cut back to the lowest branch first, and see where new back buds emerge and decide from there.

I'll post pics again in spring.


--- Quote from: Stebry on January 18, 2015, 12:29 PM ---Hello all -

Two years ago I collected this Fraxinus, it's been growing in this plastic tub since.  I'm planning on doing the first major work on it this coming spring....still several months away for us in MN. Didn't know it was an Ash when I collected as it was early spring when I dug it up.  I've heard Ash are difficult to train into Bonsai.  None the less I'm going to give it a go.

Anyone have thoughts on Ash as Bonsai?

Comments on next steps?  Easy answers are remove the prop root, dress the saw cuts. Thinking about cutting back to the lowest branch, looking for feedback.


Great trunk to start with!  I wouldn't worry about the angles in the trunk as yamadori develop with greater angles than we can normally do and they look GREAT.  I'd cut back so as to leave the bottom 3 branches at least for now.  You can always shorten it more later if desired.  You can also notch and bend that upper straight part a bit. Not sure but maybe leaning it to the right would be a good way to go.  Since this isn't going to be a formal upright what you'll not want is having the trunk go straight up OR parallel to the ground. These should both be at some other angle and leaning will do that.  You've got a great starter. 8)

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