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Collected Albizia Jullibrissin

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These invasive guys are everywhere out here. You  don't see too many fully grown trees. They get chopped down quick. But I found this one in the woods. It hav a little bit of a inverse taper but I can fix that. I took terrible pics of the roots . But they have the nitrogen fixing nodules. That are pretty cool. I truck chopped it last year while it was in the ground. And I collected it yesterday with the Crape. It was pretty leggy. Lets see how it recovers from the transplant.

I am debating on making a longer cut and deadwood or hollowing out the trunk just for practice.  This tree must be 6  years old. From what I read I guess they only live 15 years. I have a few small albizias that have pretty good leaf reduction. What do you guys think?

I am going to take 4inches off and it will be a 12 inches tall

A little albizia I started messing around with last summer. I finally got a couple of branches. It has been a slow process. But it is just for practice. I dont want to buy any trees till I feel like I have learned enough to uderstand their needs.

Here it is. I will prune the apex in a few days.


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