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Collected Albizia Jullibrissin

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Hi everyone . I have a few updates and newer projects that I would like everyone to see. Chris , I have a few pics of the the tall Albizia J that had borers . I peeled back the dead bark to find the cambium. The line is exactly where I wanted to carve . It will take the slight ,inverse taper off .I also wanted too see if it grew roots up higher on the trunk. It did, so u cut it back and it just stood up perfectly at a windswept or cascade  position. Truthfully, I'm excited to see it show me where to take it.

The tree doesn't have any more ants atm, but they always seem to come back. The base on the side with the deadwood doesn't look as good as the other. It's ok . I will have to bore a hole out-of the bottom or a channel down the side  to let water flow out.


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