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Brian Van Fleet:
Here is a ginkgo from seed I collected on my college campus (Iowa State University) in 1996.  It's been in the ground most of that time, and just made it into a cheap Chinese bonsai pot this spring; good shape, size, and color.  23" tall.

M. Frary:
  I just saw a couple Ginko at a nursery yesterday. They were over 10' tall and about 3"" to 4" at the ground. My question is can they be whacked down to size like an elm or maple?

Brian Van Fleet:
They sure can!

M. Frary:
  Sweet. Thanks!

I see lots of cut paste.  Does that do any good?

Nice tree by the way.  I bet its a show stopper in the fall which makes me wonder:  why not a brighter, bolder pot to set off the fall foliage?


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