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Birch from high altitude

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Last week I worked on my birch clump again.
Cleaned up a lot of dead small shoots and branches and wired 9 shoots in place.

The clump starts to rot allready: there were a lot of elves benches on the old trunks.
My plan is to let the shoots/stems/trees grow as fast as possible next summer, and then bring some shape in the remaining deadwood.

I've seen wood-hardeners and jin-seal.
Would this be appropriate to stop the rot?

A quick follow up on my birch. Last pics were three years ago.

The old trunks are all gone.  The remaining wood is firm and forming callus.
It was repotted last month.  The big roots that were folded into the pot after  colecting are removed.
I will let it grow free for another year to thicken the trunks a little more. Final hight of the tallest trunk will be around 30 cm. Hight now is way over one meter.
Like v to hear your suggestions.

An two more pics

It is really good how the tree has progressed in 3 years.  Definitely think you are on the right track there.

Well done.



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