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Acer palmatum 'Sharp's Pygmy' Project

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Owen Reich:
Air layer purchased at Brussels Bonsai in Fall of 2010.  The late, great Mike Blanton assisting in the escape.

Owen Reich:
In 2010, started the mental debate over the best front.

No photos from 2011 or 2012 even though I removed took the top of almost every vertical trunk back by 4-6''.

Owen Reich:
In 2013, after seeing truly excellent maple bonsai in Japan for a few years, the decision making process became far easier.

I'll update more soon.

Owen Reich:
In 2013, some major branches were removed in Spring and the outer silhouette was thinned.  Areas where major cuts were made were not thinned as much.  

Owen Reich:
This year, more trunks were removed; especially on the top left and lower right.  The urge to place this in a bonsai container is strong, but it will likely go into a larger, more shallow container next spring once the current surgical strikes have healed. 


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