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Here is a J. Maple with a nice large base.  Last winter, I did a first styling and was pretty pleased with the results.  I have been seeing many great photos of trees with a secondary trunk, and it was suggested to give it a shot on this one.  Lucky me, a shoot popped out just where I needed it.  I did a slight wiring to get the exit angle set, and may move it more to match the trunkline as it goes along. 

It's in full growing mode this year, should be lots more to work with by the end of the season.
first 2 photos after leaf drop, and then the first cutback and wiring this past winter.

Cool tree Judy.  Esp. like the first l. branch as it reaches outward.

The first large branch on the right (including the one that sprouted this year, I think its the 3rd branch), it looks like it could be pruned back hard.  There's a long bare stretch of branch that draws my eye ...and you might could get lucky and have fortuitous buds popping along that piece of branch.

It'd also allow more light to the sprout you're working on.

As far as the sprout, I have a hard time visualizing this working.  Its too high for a twin-trunk, ...and seems too low for a WP-esque sub-trunk.  I'll trust your gut and abilities though.

Thanks for the critique Bwayne, I find it useful for input from other eyes, as sometimes your own can be jaundiced to opportunities. 
I'll take a look at that branch (above the sprout) and see about cutting it back.  The left one may also benefit from this. 

As far as the secondary trunk idea, here is what I'm thinking.  A nice sketch was done for me by a friend at bnut for this tree, and I am extremely inspired by the photos that I've found with this idea.  These trees really do it for me.  Wish I could credit the artists. 

Here is the tree after a new pot, and more branch selection/wiring.  I have a couple that I didn't notice that got lifted when I moved the tree to photograph it, just up the left side...


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