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Just acquired this yew.  All I've done  besides slip it in the pot is some minor trimming and thinning.  Any suggestions or recommendations as to where to go with it.

good jin and shari potential.

What more can you tell us about it?  Is there a strong leader in the group of branches?  What direction were you thinking of going with this one?

The trunk is 2.75 inches at the soil level and there are actually three strong branches equidistantly spaced around the top of the trunk.  When I first saw it I thought of an old massive tree standing alone on a hill in a pasture.  One with the large branches bent down almost to the ground from their own weight and the weight of winter snows and a short spread out canopy. 

After taking the pictures, the second one gave me the idea of some jin and shari on the right with the left flowing towards the left.  I have thinned it out more from these pictures to let more light into the inner branches where lots of buds can be seen.

For now it is on my patio where I can't help but look at it and think about it.  I haven't made any long term decisions yet so I'm open to any suggestions.

If this was my yew, I would go in the direction of this,


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