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Yellowing Japanese Black Pine

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Jeff Lahr:
I've only worked with JBP for a couple of years but this one doesn't look too healthy to me.  I haven't treated it different than my other pines, all of which appear to be pretty robust.

I don't want to lose this one. Any insight?

John Kirby:
Hi Jeff,
The first thing I say when I see a tree like this is- roots. Is it pretty well root bound within the container? One thing you can try (I have done this in the hottest part of July here in the Midwest) is to pull the tree out of its curent container and slip pot it into a larger container (1gal to two gallon; 6' pan to 8-10" pan). Setting it on coarse material (pumice, volcanic, or like 3/8" garvel to get a more rapidly draining environment.

Second, I would spray it with a fungicide, such as daconil  (or one of the available over the counter fungicides).

Light fertilizer in a couple of weeks and good luck.


King Kong:
If the roots occupy the total space between soil particles with no effective space left for new roots to occupy, chlorosis is a symptom.
With a plant with decreased green plant tissue because of decreased chlorophyll and root bound, I like to foliar feed to correct the nutrient deficiency while taking care of container problem.


Would this also cause an iron deficiency? I ask because the needles look similar to insufficent iron on some JBP I've seen.

King Kong:
Easy to find out. You will know in a week or two if you foliar feed it with a good quality micronutrient application.



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