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Yamadori Southwestern White Pine from Cho Bonsai

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I just received my Southwestern white pine from Alvaro at Cho Bonsai Yamadori. This is a beautiful tree with very nice dead wood. It will be getting it's initial styling in September of this year. The years ahead seem very rewarding for this one. If you havent checked out Cho Bonsai Yamadori I suggest you do. Alvaro is a very nice guy.

Is this P. strobiformis?  What is the protocol for handling this one?  Do the needles tend to hang, or is that an indication that this one isn't vigorous?

Hi. This is Alvaro. The needles are down because of shipping. They should start pointing up in few days. You can see how the tree looked before being shipped in the following link (SW White Pine 4)

The needles get long when they get a lot of fertilizer as with any pine. This type is amazingly strong for being a one growth pine. When heavily fertilized, the wire will start cutting after one growing season. I haven't seen that in Ponderosas, limber, JWP, etc. I am attaching a pic that shows the difference in length among pines

The are a little bluer and heat tolerant because they come from the South and a lower elevations than limber. I have been having a great success with them in the Dallas area without too much additional work.

They need to be protected from temps over 90 and they could be overwatered as any white pine.

I hope that we can start seeing this specie much more used in bonsai, specially in areas where japanese white pines have a hard time.



Alvaro said it all. Yes. The needles are drooping from shipment.

I also have P. Strobiformis, they back bud vigorously and do well here in the mid-Atlantic


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