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Yamadori Southwestern White Pine from Cho Bonsai

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That is good to know. Thanks augustine

The needles on my Sw wht pine are long also since tree is under development and fed heavily but they can be reduced to @ 1.5 inches.  All you have to do to get backbudding is make a cut.

So far I have let it grow full out with lots of food, water, full sun and prune/thin in late fall/early winter

I like your tree very much.

Augustine. Sorry for the late reply. I must be having issues with my internet connection or there is an issue with the forums server. Anyway. Thank you for your comments. It is good to know that they will reduce in time. This is in full sun and getting plenty of food. And water as needed. As I dont want to over water. I purchased this tree for its unique look and the deadwood. Hopefully over the years it will make a nice bonsai

--- Quote from: cmswink on June 15, 2016, 09:50 PM ---I just received my Southwestern white pine from Alvaro at Cho Bonsai Yamadori. This is a beautiful tree with very nice dead wood. It will be getting it's initial styling in September of this year. The years ahead seem very rewarding for this one. If you havent checked out Cho Bonsai Yamadori I suggest you do. Alvaro is a very nice guy.

--- End quote ---
The lucky one.  Also I was looking at this very tree and close to buying but you got it.   Visions of cutting the basket off the very happy and vigorous roots were somewhat bemusing but not insurmountable.  Have you potted up and tackled this yet and if so what did you do ;)?

Potawatomi13. I have left it alone and is fully out of its slump now.


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