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What to do with Cedar Trees in my yard


I have 2 cedar trees that need to be removed. They are being messed up by being two close to other cedars. They are about 20 ft tall and have trunk bases about  10 inches in Diameter. Is it possible to cut them back like a maple and see new growth so they can then be dug up and worked on? I have not worked with many cedars.


the answer is no.  you cannot cut it like maple tree.  it will need foliage to survive.   cut it in stges if you can.  you will need a good amount of foliage for it to survive.  Ususally it is safe to remove about 50%
good luck.

Thanks for the reply.

I thought if I could shorten it over a few years I could keep it out of the canopy of the other trees and eventually dig it up.

You can, but you have to be less aggressive in pruning than with a deciduous tree. Boon's suggestion is to prune so there if green foliage left on plant to keep it alive.

With the vast majority of conifers (cedars included), if you prune all the green off of them, they die. To push new green growth and backbud on old wood, they require some foliage.

This holds true for branches, as well as trunks. Prune all foliage off of a branch, the branch dies.

This means, with controlled pruning, leaving foliage on branches below the trunk chop is a must if you want to plant to survive.


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