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Taxus Baccata, gift from neighbours garden


This Taxus was dug from a neighbours garden spring 2006, I let it recover till october/november that same year, when it was initially styled for the first time. The shari was allready made at the dig. For 2 years I got it in the same pot and fed and pruned it. This years spring I repotted it into a pond basket and till today it was sort off looking like october last year.
Today I styled it for the second time in a totally different way, the tree will be refined (shari) on the righthand side later.

Tree is 48cm high and has a trunkbase of 5 cm.

What do you all think??

Thanks in advance, Wessel

Very good I think you have made the most out of this material.


Changed it a little today, turned it clockwise for 35 degrees, its possible new front?? made the shari bigger and frased it a little. This is how it looks now, for me another improvement.....???


paul burke:

Hi Wessel,

Very nice work on this one.  I particularly like the work you've done on the shari, very convincing.  Have you applied anything to it or has it naturally gone this way?

Have you considered moving the top / apex branch to around the back of the deadwood at the top?  I think this would help to frame the deadwood and perhaps balance the foliage?

I think it will look great in a couple of years time once the foliage fills in.

Great work, keep us updated.


Paul (rottweiler)


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